Regardless of one’s political orientation, and/ or beliefs, nearly everyone realizes, there is considerable dysfunction, which makes the system, work ineffectively and inefficiently, and is often, less than properly directed, to serve the common good, and/ or needs! Perhaps, now, more than any time, in recent memory, this has become obvious and pronounced, because we have seen numerous incidents, where it appears, politicians tend to place politics, their personal agenda, and/ or self - interest, ahead of the needs, goals and priorities of their constituents, and the common good! WIth that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, and discuss. 6 ways to, potentially, make our political system, and the politicians. fairer and better.

1. Penalize the politicians, when they don’t do what’s needed: While one might hope, we elect representatives, who focused, primarily on the needs, goals, priorities, and best interests, of those they serve and represent, we often witness, quite the contrary behavior! Unfortunately, we often see, individuals, who appear, to care more about their interests, than the common good. For example, the United States, was supposed to have a budget, in place, by last October, but because of Congressional dysfunction, we have witnessed numerous temporary measures, only. Is that any way to run a government, or shouldn’t the politicians, be made accountable, for failing, to do, what they should? After all, we have just seen our government, officially, close - down, because they didn’t so their jobs! What if, there was a ramification, for them, when they didn’t serve, as they should, such as, not being paid, during a shutdown, and many of their perks, such as travel, for the Congressional representatives, Senators, and the President, being temporarily eliminated? If they suffered, when their actions caused others to, perhaps, we’d see less dysfunction!

2. Mandatory ethics: Shouldn’t there be, a strict, ethical code, that elected officials had to live up - to, including elimination of conflicts of interest, and other forms of personal behavior? Talking about it, or reacting, after the fact, doesn’t make them ethical, but genuine punishment and ramifications, might!

3. Eliminate gerrymandering: Politicians seem to try, to make it, as easy as possible, for them, to maintain their positions, etc. This power - grabbing behavior, often, keeps them from focusing their attention, on the best interests of the public. Gerrymandering deters true, representative government, because, it creates certain politicians, to remain, in control, even when it might be, against the best interests of the public, and common good!

4. Make legislation purer: Recently, during so - called, legislative battles, especially regarding health care, and tax reform, we have witnessed, many unrelated, add - ons, in order to gain political support. Daniel Obajtek ’t it be better, if politicians, had to vote on specific matters, such as DACA, etc, without making it conditional, on other issues? How can we call it representative democracy, when polls indicate approximately 80% of the public support, the so - called Dreamers, yet, the politicians, still, can’t pass appropriate, responsive legislation?

5. Legislator’s Pension and Health Care: Wouldn’t there be more emphasis, on doing, what’s in the common good, if legislator’s had the same needs and priorities? If they had the same concerns, regarding issues, such as retirement, and health care (including the costs), don’t you think it might be treated, as a greater priority?